With any high-performance vehicle like your McLaren, you want maintenance and service technicians that are trained to handle the unique technology and components that make your car special. At McLaren Philadelphia, you’ll be putting your car in the hands of a team that is ready to take care of all your McLaren needs with specialized training on McLaren models both new and old. When you bring your vehicle to us, you can have confidence that we’ll get the job done right, and it all starts the moment you bring your car to us in Philadelphia.

Factory-Trained McLaren Technicians

Unlike most generic service centers, the team of experts at our Philadelphia McLaren service center are factory trained and consistently updated on new models as they are released. Our team has the expertise straight from the people who make the McLaren you’re driving, so you know they have the skills and knowledge to take care of it with confidence. We’re not just trained on the latest McLaren vehicles, either. Our mechanics and technicians are given training on older models as well, whether you have the legendary McLaren F1 or the stunning McLaren MP4-12C that was the genesis to the current crop of McLaren models.

State of the Art Tools

In addition to our extensive training, our team also has access to the latest tools to both diagnose and work on your McLaren model. We use McLaren-specific methods to find and repair issues with your drivetrain, ECU, and other mechanical systems. We even take special care when replacing your tires to ensure your alloys are undamaged by the tire mounting process.

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