At McLaren Philadelphia, we’re about much more than selling you the latest and greatest McLaren models. We also want to keep you up to date with what’s new about the brand, where things are going next, and which models we expect to see coming to our showroom soon. Read below to see the latest news about McLaren, from new models to upcoming concepts and more.

McLaren CEO Hints at an Upcoming SUV

While previous leadership had thus far avoided adding an SUV to the McLaren lineup, new CEO Michael Leiters seems more open to the idea of adding a larger vehicle to the McLaren family of supercars. Remember, Leiters is the man who developed SUVs for both Porsche and Ferrari, both firsts for those brands, so it would be unsurprising to see McLaren follow that same path now that Leiters is at the helm. While saying “We shouldn’t do a classic SUV.”, Leiters acknowledged that any family-hauler would have to be true to the McLaren DNA, likely featuring more elegant curves and sweeping bodywork that other premium SUVs haven’t been able to maintain. With SUVs like the Urus outselling its supercar siblings at a rate of two to one, adding an SUV would be a strong move to fortify McLaren’s financial future in the coming decades.

The Hybrid Artura is Coming Soon

Speaking of new chapters, the McLaren Artura is the first mainstream hybrid supercar from the British automaker, taking its cues from the legendary, but extremely exclusive McLaren P1 hypercar. The Artura uses a turbocharged V6 paired with an electric motor, a setup akin to its Formula 1 racer sibling. At a combined 671 horsepower, the hybrid McLaren Artura is sure to plaster a smile across your face with every drive.

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