McLaren is an automotive manufacturer that produces a variety of models for Philadelphia auto enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a track car or a grand touring vehicle, it is likely that there is a McLaren that will meet your needs. But, does McLaren build a vehicle that offers four seats?

Does McLaren Build a Four-Seat Car?

Currently, there is not a McLaren model produced that comes with four seats. In the past, the iconic McLaren F1 offered three seats, with the driver’s seat located in the center. McLaren models are known for their performance and agility. In order to accommodate four seats, they would likely have to build a vehicle with a longer wheelbase. Which could potentially sacrifice on handling abilities.

The most practical new McLaren being built is likely the McLaren 570GT. This model offers increase storage space compared to other models for long-distance travel. But it still only boasts two seats. And, if you are someone looking for a pure driving experience, you are likely to be fine with that.

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