In the Philadelphia area and beyond, McLaren is known as the high-performance automotive brand. Producing a range of vehicles with breath-taking power, competing with McLaren is no easy task. But within the lineup of McLaren vehicles, which model offers the most horsepower?

Which McLaren Comes with the Most Horsepower?

The 2021 McLaren Speedtail is not a vehicle for the faint of heart. And that is because it is the McLaren model with the most horsepower. This not-fully street legal vehicle is truly a testament to the McLaren brand. Boasting a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, the McLaren Speedtail also benefits from the power of electric motors. In total, the McLaren Speedtail is capable of producing 1,055 horsepower and 848 pound-feet of torque. That means this hypercar offers one of the most potent powertrains from McLaren.

Power output is not the only thing the McLaren Speedtail does well. In proper conditions, it can hit speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. Which is a truly mind-numbing number. The new McLaren Speedtail features aerodynamic design to allow drivers to hit these high speeds, along with a range of weight cutting measures.

Can You Buy a McLaren Speedtail?

Like many McLaren vehicles, the McLaren Speedtail is an extremely limited-production model. At our store, we pride ourselves in our McLaren inventory. So, if you are in the market for a new McLaren model, we encourage you to contact our team. That way, we can help you determine which McLaren is right for you.

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