McLaren Oil Change Service in Philadelphia

Oil Change Service for your McLaren in Philadelphia

You already know that your McLaren is a high-performance vehicle, but it's important to keep up with routine maintenance in order to keep that peak performance for the life of the car. Oil changes are a major factor in the longevity of any high-performance engine, and McLaren Philadelphia is here with the expert techs and concierge service to take care of both you and your car.

High-Performance Oil Changes in Philadelphia

The more performance is squeezed out of your engine, the tighter the internal tolerances of your internal engine parts become. With this decreased margin of error comes a greater emphasis on proper lubrication and contamination removal, and that can only be achieved with fresh oil and a new filter.

Turbocharging puts an especially large strain on internal engine parts, as the increased pressure inside the engine generates considerably more heat that can weaken critical parts and even the engine block itself. By maintaining proper lubrication in all parts of your engine, your engine oil helps manage friction and temperatures to prevent devastating damage from putting your McLaren out of commission.

Beyond that, your engine oil also helps keep your turbocharger healthy by lubricating the internal components that spin at 10,000 rpms or more. As your turbo provides boost, it spins at incredible RPMs, all while dealing with the heat coming directly from the combustion chamber inside your engine. Bad or old oil means your turbocharger won't be lubricated properly, and a failed turbo can send metal parts directly into your engine, causing a host  of other issues.

If you want to keep your McLaren healthy for your next joy ride or track day, be sure the oil is healthy with an oil change from our Philadelphia dealership.

Do I Need an Oil Change if My Car Has Been Stored?

While several factors can affect the condition of your engine oil while your vehicle is in storage, it is always a good idea to have your oil changed if you're getting your car out of storage for the first time after a long winter. As your engine sits, the oil is still affected by outside changes in temperature that can affect it's lifespan and effectiveness when you start the car and take it out for the first time. If it's been four months or more since you last drove your McLaren, bring it to our Philadelphia dealership and we'll change the oil to help keep your engine protected.

Why Choose McLaren Philadelphia for Your Oil Change

Your McLaren isn't just any vehicle, and a McLaren oil change is no 20-minute visit to your local oil change shop. With aerodynamic panels to remove on the underbody of the vehicle, and special engine mount and transmission mount braces that give the body it's rigidity, even getting to the drain bolts and oil filter is a challenging process. Our team of McLaren experts will get to work taking proper care of your vehicle from beginning to end, ensuring the safe removal and reinstallation of the underbody panels as your oil change is completed.

We Take Care of You

When you schedule your McLaren oil change with our Philadelphia dealership, we'll take care of more than just your car. We'll come get your vehicle in the Philadelphia area so you never have to take time out of your schedule to pay us a visit. And when we're done, we'll bring it back to you and hand off the keys.

Schedule your McLaren oil change online today and ensure that your engine stays protected for all of your summer joyrides.

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